Dr. Peggy Gleason RN, NHD,

Professional Women who struggle with body confidence come to me when they're ready to finally get a handle on their eating habits and health .

Many of them feel frustrated with their current eating habits, overwhelmed by constant dieting, and held back by limiting beliefs about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I help these accomplished professionals break through their inner barriers and embrace mindful eating practices that truly light up their souls.

Together, we create a path that welcomes more self-confidence, and well-being into their lives.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You often feel guilty or ashamed after eating certain foods or overeating.

  • Food and your weight are constantly on your mind, causing stress and anxiety.

  • You may turn to food for comfort or to cope with emotions and stress.

  • You've tried numerous diets or weight loss programs, but they haven't provided lasting results.

Here's What You'll GAIN From Working With Me ...

Free Gift- Uncover Hidden Triggers:

Dive deep into the underlying factors that influence your eating habits, from emotional triggers to stress patterns.


Personalized Insights: Benefit from Dr. Peggy's over 25 years of expertise and personal journey, guiding you to better understand your relationship with food.


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